Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Childhood Joys

During a typical sidewalk stroll, my eyes dart to the windows of clothing boutiques and coffee shops.  I think, can I afford that dress and do I really need more caffeine in my bloodstream.  Without having any children (and not being a child), toy stores allude me and playgrounds may or may not exist, I haven't noticed.  It's the wine shops and new restaurants that grab my attention.  But lately, with babies on my brain, I'm suddenly noticing bits of everyday life that I've ignored for the past couple decades.  I've found myself seeing the colorful, child-enticing particulars of my neighborhood - the balloons, the gumball machines and the motorized, lightning dragon-horse-snail.   

I totally acknowledge that this last photo doesn't appear entirely child-friendly (at all) given the manhole, orange safety cone and thick, metal chain...but you can imagine how child-friendly it would look minus all those things.

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