Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

The short answer: No

Speaking of, anyone seen the self-portrait nudey pics of Blake Lively that made their way from her cell phone to the world wide web?  Too hot for this blog...but let me say this - I call into question (read: think she's regretful and lying about) her claim that they were photoshopped and not actually her.

via People.com
A non-naughty photo of Blake Lively, google the naughty ones yourself

What is too much when it comes to posting thoughts, photos and videos about your pregnancy and baby on the internet?  A naked pregnant belly?  Photos of mom, dad and baby in the delivery room?  Sonogram images?  I once saw a photo posted on Facebook of the mother-to-be mid ultrasound as she and the father-to-be found out the baby's gender.

Click HERE to watch any of the 1,000+ youtube videos that show
the result of a pregnancy test as the mother herself discovers it.
There is fresh pee (yes, pee) on the pregnancy test in this video.


I feel like a voyeur (read: creepster) when I see an especially intimate pregnancy, childbirth and baby postings of a person I barely know or don't know at all.  Yet, logically, the person was well aware that my eyes and many others would become witness to the personal experience.  Still, I can't help but feel a little awkward.  Facebook itself has felt a little awkward and shutdown some profiles and pages with breastfeeding photos that were deemed obscene.  When it comes to those that I do know, especially long distance friends, it's wonderful to see updates on their growing families.  And, admittedly, I don't mind being a bit of a creepster when it comes to some Facebook friends (not friend friends) who I wouldn't otherwise have inside scoop.

I wonder how I will feel when it's my turn - whether I will splash my bikini clad baby bump all over the internet or wait until my child heads to college.  I imagine it's a battle between wanting to keep some things private and wanting to shout your joy from the roof tops.  There's no wrong choice, which is comforting.  Unless, of course, Facebook thinks you're a big perv and removes your photo per policy.

What photos and news will/have you posted?


Jessica Morris said...

I was just contemplating this! I think my "line" is crossed at professional pregnancy photos. While seeing my old high school friends showing off their bumps in sweats in front of the fireplace makes me smile, the semi-nude, husbands caressing the belly pro shots makes my skin crawl just a little. I'm not saying these types of pictures shouldn't be taken, but perhaps they should remain on ones nightstand and not be broadcasted across Facebook.

Leah (it's me) said...

Jessica - 100% agree. The naked belly caress has no place on FB.