Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Men and a Baby - My Memory

A twitter friend (that's right, I'm developing twitter friends) reminded me of the classic cinematic masterpiece, Three Men and a Baby.  Apparently my old friend/nemesis Sophie the Giraffe makes a cameo in it, which was the focus of our conversation (read: asynchronous exchange of ten word phrases).  I hadn't seen Three Men and a Baby in well over a decade and I immediately went to my Netflix cue and added it to the top.  It should arrive just in time for a weekend viewing.

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This is a great picture for at least 3 reasons:
1) exaggerated puppy dog face
2) mustache
3) "ooooh"

Before re-watching, I decided to jog my memory for those movie moments that my 12-year-old self noted:

  • The baby's mom was British
  • The diaper changing scene was a funny highlight
  • One of the three men was an architect
  • Someone was trying to steal the baby...is this even true?!  My memory is so foggy around this issue, but I seem to recall a baby snatching caper 
  • Ghost myth - at the close of one scene, when everyone has exited the room, a dark and shadowy figure walks by the window curtain.  All of my tween friends and I were convinced it was a ghost.  Well, truthfully, I personally wasn't convinced...I was the type of kid that secretly pushed the Ouija board compass to spell something crazy while all the other girls at the sleepover freaked out.
  • The baby had strawberry blond, curly-ish hair
  • The apartment they shared was big and very cool with something unique about the front door that I can't quite put my finger on - was it an elevator that led straight in? Can't remember...

Once I watch, I'll follow-up with a list of memorable moments that my ageless older self notes.  I'm excited.  I think I'll drink orange soda and eat microwave popcorn for a truly authentic experience.


Jessica Morris said...

I have a vague memory of the "ghost" scene too, and that's about it! Oh, and the apartment was fabulous.

WW said...

1) I am pretty sure you only watched the movie because of the mustache

2) I read somewhere that the ghost was actually a prop left out by some under-paid intern. It was a lifesize cardboard cut-out of one of the actors that created the shadow. Rumor also has it, that the newer releases of the movie have no ghost.

LauEnforcement said...

I may or may not have stumbled upon 3 Men and a Baby on tv last night and watched the entire thing due to this post. I just wanted to say that Sophie the Giraffe doesn't just make a cameo, she's a full on star in the movie...once Tom Selleck buys her at the news stand about 20 minutes in, she shows up all the time...who knew Sophie was so popular even back in 1987. Regardless, watching movies as an adult that you haven't seen since childhood is very amusing - you catch so many things you don't even understand when you're younger...too funny!

Leah (it's me) said...

Jessica and WW - How funny is it that the "ghost" is what everyone remembers?

LauEnforcement - I love rewatching childhood movies as an adult, you're so right about discovering things for the first time that your younger self was clueless about!

PS -I did finally rewatch and the follow-up post is in the works...