Monday, April 4, 2011

Wall Decals

The word "decal" reminds me of the 1980s.  It makes me think of cereal box prizes.  I have fond memories of stuffing my mitts deep into the corners of a new cereal box and digging out the tiny plastic bag filled with a crappy toy (usually a decal).  All the while my mom inquired (read: yelled) as to whether my hands were clean and my brother protested (read: yelled) because I beat him to the punch.

Decals are no longer just miniature prizes at the bottom of a Lucky Charms box.  They are a big trend in wall decor, and particurly wall decor in children's rooms.  The dynamic shapes and colors are a great way to liven up a nursery or playroom and avoid the process of painting.

While tree decals are the trendy of the trendy right now, this tree decal is something special.  Simple Shapes has designed a tree decal with space to add floating shelves.  The shelves mimic tree branches and allow you to display photos, books or whatever you want (see below).

The floating shelves are NOT included in your purchase
by Simple Shapes

These next decals by ChickadeeVinyl can be worked into any theme.  The "subway art"is so cool and different - a great centerpiece for a modern nursery.  The ABCs could work for a nursery or a playroom.  AND, ChickadeeVinyl is offering FREE SHIPPING to all Next Stop - Baby readers (US only purchases over $20.00) with the coupon code: FSGIVEAWAY311

by Chickadee Vinyl
by Chickadee Vinyl

This giraffe decal by Pink n Blue Baby doubles as art and a growth chart.  In my house growing up we marked new heights with a pencil on the door frame from our kitchen to our dining room.  This option is slightly more classy.

by Pink N Blue Baby

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