Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth-Loving Baby Toys

Even though the word eco-friendly cannot be found in the urban dictionary, it's certainly becoming a staple in everyday living and everyday language.  It means friendly to the environment and usually describes consumer products.

When it comes to baby relevant items, eco-friendly toys are everywhere.  So, let's start with why one would choose an eco-friendly toy (over a non-eco-friendly one).  Babies put things in their mouths.  Lots of things.  Everything.  And most certainly their toys.  Eco-friendly toys are non-toxic thereby keeping nasty chemicals out of a curious baby's mouth.  Also, like all eco-friendly items, they are made of reused, recycled and/or biodegradable materials making them a better choice for our Earth.

Here are some great eco-friendly toy options:
The mrowe Etsy shop features toys made from repurposed sweaters.  All materials are washed before transformation and hand-sewn into adorable stuffed animals like the turtle and owls below.
by mrowe

by mrowe

Next up, Smiling Tree Toys.  These crafters considered all angles of eco-friendliness in making their wooden toys: the wood is locally grown, finished with organic flaxseed oil or local beeswax and the end result is shipped in eco-friendly packaging.  AND, get 10% off your purchase through April 30, 2011 with the coupon code: 10offnextstopbaby

Top - 30 piece building block set
Left bottom - Guitar baby rattle
Right bottom - Giraffe Teething Toy
(all by Smiling Tree Toys)

There are a many toy options at
many price points.
Finally, these toys are crafted from eco-felt, which is material made from recycled plastic bottles.  Cool.  Designer and maker Pixiekids Toys offers an incredible variety with something for every(little)one.  
by Pixiekids Toys

by Pixiekids Toys
by Pixiekids Toys


Creative Design said...

Great toy selections all! Love the eggs!


HarmlessColor said...

Great soft toy selections. I especially like the play food.

Baby toys| Mother care said...

cute toys..i love toys..specially when i buy it for my son. He really like to play with toys.