Monday, April 25, 2011

Bun In The Oven Contest

This is a game of who can come up with the best euphemism for "a woman who is pregnant."  The prize (like all contest prizes on Next Stop - Baby) is profound public acknowledgment that you are clever and witty beyond all other competitors.

You know the standard phrases for the state of pregnancy:

  • bun in the oven
  • preggers
  • with child
  • pea in the pod
  • knocked up
  • in the duff

Now you try coming up with something original.  Post your entry as a comment (below) and feel free to post as many entries as you'd like.  I'll pick a winner at some point...

My entry (it doesn't count) = Looks like she's got a pickle in the jar.


Anonymous said...

she's got some pepper in the mill

Anonymous said...

she's got a picture in the frame

Monica said...

Bread in her Toaster