Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Opinion of Strangers

Last fall I participated in a name claiming session.  That's right.  My friends and I went around in a circle and listed the handful of names that were strong contenders for our someday babies.  I characterize this event as a claiming session because no opinions were solicited and I'm pretty sure that no opinions were welcome.

I've talked about my favorite names with friends on many occasions.  The names have evolved over time, but the point of the discussion is always the same - calling dibs.  It's about staking claim and not about seeking anyone else's two cents.

While unconditional approval in this department is the appropriate response (not necessarily the honest one), I wouldn't mind having someone else's genuine opinion.  At the same time, polling my friends wouldn't quite work.  Heaven forbid a close friend hated one of my gems, it would spoil the name forever and probably leave me a bit salty.

But...what about polling strangers?  Anyone can create a baby name poll on www.babynamegenie.com and strangers can and will respond, sometimes with serious...passion.  I like this method because it gets the opinions without getting personal.  And, the different perspectives drum up considerations that you may have missed.  Just be prepared for some name bashing, it's inevitable.  Go in with a thick skin and an open mind.

Other fun uses for the Baby Name Genie polling tool:
  1. Do some name bashing yourself on other people's polls 
  2. Check out name ideas that others are testing out, while it's not cool to steal a name that your friend has claimed there is no rule against stealing a stranger's name idea!


Coll said...

OMG! I think baby name genie is could be my new favorite website!!
LOVE this post, btw :)

lia said...

1. that blog is addictive
2. people are ridiculous! Kendrew...really?
3. I have now confirmed that i don't like any names out there and will most likely call my child Baby until age 4 then Kid.

Sarah said...

What a fun idea! If I would have done a poll maybe I would have seen how many other people were thinking of the same name as I was...
I am stopping by from the Spearmint Baby Alexa hop! www.mooseandtater.com