Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robot Shower, Beep Boop

Another trendy party theme that easily works in the baby realm - robots.  It's a popular because it's retro and it's a great for a baby shower because it's playful.  Robot decorations lean masculine, but if you choose a blatantly feminine color palette (pink and purple) you could easily work a girly robot baby shower.  For baby-boy-to-be robot shower I found that the color combination of blue, green and orange is a favorite of designers and crafters.  Per usual, I've pulled together some inexpensive ideas to help with your shower planning.

This first invitation can be fully customized by maker bn designs.  The cards are made of 100% recycled card stock (bonus) and the set comes with either white or matching colored enveloped.

by bn designs

This next invitation is printable (you buy the software file and print yourself) and designed by Ella B Photography.  The purchase comes with printable circles that you can use to make cupcake toppers, favor tags, signs...anything your creative mind can imagine.

by Ella B Photography
by Ella B Photography
by Ella B Photography

These party favor tags say "Thanks a BOT for coming to my party."  Hysterical.  These are designed by Toadally Cute and they are totally cute, huh. 

by Toadally Cute

Here are some colorful, robotic napkins.  The pack of 16 comes with a mix of red, yellow, green and blue (all four shown below).

Finally, party favors for your party favor tags.  Everyone uses magnets and some people (like me) use a lot of them.  Here are two Etsy crafters that make adorable robot magnets for a perfect fit with your theme.  

These robot magnets are made by Katie LeRoy Custom Creations.  They come in sets of 6 for $8.00, not too shabby.
by Katie LeRoy Custom Creations

And these are made by Anna Tillet Designs.  They come in sets of 3 (again with the blue, green, orange) and cost $4.50.  
by Anna Tillet Designs

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