Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off the Registered Path - Holiday Gifts

Here is another category of gifts that you won't find on the baby shower registry - holiday related gifts.  In considering whether to go off the registry for this kind of gift, a particular holiday should strike you as one that's special to the parents-to-be.  If nothing jumps out, one of these gifts might not be a winning choice.  Or, you'll never go wrong sticking to the registry and adding one of these gifts as an extra.

ST. PATRICK'S DAY - For Irish families or families that simply love this beer-drinking, luck-coveting, green-wearing holiday these gifts will get some instant laughs and long term joy.

This pacifier is funny, adorable, gender-neutral and so inexpensive ($3.00 on that it would be a perfect extra with a gift from the registry.

This hysterical onesie is handmade by Nesting Project.  It's a great gift for a mom and dad with a sense of humor about their future of diaper duty.

by Nesting Project

FOURTH OF JULY - These would be awesome gifts for a family who has a big, annual 4th of July barbeque.
This adorable, patriotic onesie by We Choose Joy could be equally festive on President's day and Election day...should either be significant holidays for the gift receiving family.  We Choose Joy incorporates eco-friendly materials in their handmade pieces.
by We Choose Joy

This book by Joan Holub (Fourth of July, Sparkly Sky) is educational, beautifully illustrated and part of a series that includes books about Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day and Chanukah.

THANKSGIVING - This is a holiday all about family and gratitude, which makes it a perfect focus for a baby shower gift.

This Thanksgiving bib is too cute and you might recognize it from Bethenny Ever After (baby Bryn wore it for her first Thanksgiving)!  For $2.99 you can purchase a set of 3 from


This turkey hat by Just Be Happy Crochet cracks me up.  I love it.  I think it's adorable and would be a fun, festive  addition to your baby shower gift.

by Just Be Happy Crochet

HANNUKAH - These sweet gifts will help the new baby jump right into Hannukah traditions.

These onesies by Max and Magnolia are awesome.  They are somehow adorable and stylish.  They have long and short sleeve options in tons of colors.  For those who don't know, the orange onesie (top) features a "Chai" - a hebrew letter meaning life.  Beautiful.

by Max and Magnolia

by Max and Magnolia

CHRISTMAS There are tons of great choices for Christmas related baby gifts.

This ornament making kit by Child to Cherish lets the parents-to-be make an ornament from the new baby's handprint.  The homemade results is unique and priceless.

Here is a similar option from Carter's that includes silver frames for a handprint and footprint.  Both options are great for a crafty mom-to-be. 

I love, LOVE this next ornament.  It's handmade by MaternalNEST and I think it would make a fantastic edition to your baby shower gift.  The front is stamped with the baby's name (which could be "Baby Smith/Jones/Etc." if you don't know) and the back is stamped with the year.  So sweet.

by MaternalNEST

Christmas Stocking - There are tons of choices for Christmas stockings.  Pottery Barn embroiders all of their stockings and you can get them at good discounts on the off season.  The mrowe Etsy shop (featured in the Earth Loving Baby Toys post) makes customized stockings, just contact the maker through Etsy and tell her your ideas for color, size, etc.  If the parents haven't publicized their baby name choice, a plain stocking or an IOU to personalize the stocking work perfectly.


Just be happy! said...

fun post!
thank you so much for including my turkey hat.
Alessandra (Just Be Happy Crochet)

Mother of Pearl said...

I love the turkey hat. Do they make them in size Men's Large? I know some guys with a big head that could use a turkey hat!