Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Sorry

Please accept my apology.  I didn't post at all last week, as I'm sure you noticed, and I'm sorry.  I went on vacation and I decided to take a week off from blogging.  I'm usually proactive with setting up some posts that automatically go live while I'm away, but I failed on that front last week.  Poor planning on my part.  So, again, sorry!!!

Where I was for a week (aka Heaven)

While I'm apologizing for last week's failure, I figure there are a few other apologies that I owe you.

First, I'm sorry for screwing up the post title on The Blue Ivy Conspiracy.  The post was originally and accidentally entitled The Blue Ivry Conspiracy.  Ooops.  It stayed that way for about 3 hours until a friend gave me a quick text message to the effect of, "you screwed up Beyonce's baby's name".  I don't know why I wrote Ivry instead of Ivy.  It was a mistake...but kind of a big one.  What's more is that because I originally used "Ivry", even after changing the title to Ivy, the URL of the post remains with Ivry (http://nextstop-baby.blogspot.com/2012/01/blue-ivry-conspiracy.html).  I apologize to you, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivry...errrr, Blue Ivy.

Blue Ivy Carter

I'm sorry for not following through on the Holiday Gift Countdown.  Last November I came up with a plan to blog a gift idea for each day of December leading up to Christmas.  I knew it would be labor intensive going in, but I already had accumulated a bunch gifts that I adored, so I figured it would be manageable.  I had a head start.  I skipped December 6.  I skipped December 10-13, and made one, big post on December 14.  By December 20, I called it quits.  So, I'm sorry about that.  If I do a holiday gift countdown again this year, I'll come up with a plan that works better for all of us.

The first day of the 2011
Holiday Gift Countdown,
still one of my favorites.

I'm sorry for posting about baby hats so much (here, here, here and here).  I know there's more.  I love baby hats and I can't help it.

This hat (here) remains my favorite.
I just love it.

I probably owe you a couple several more apologies for poorly conceived posts and lingering grammatical errors, but I'm going to stop before I feel like a terrible, horrible, really bad blogger.  I hope you can forgive last week's missing posts and continue to follow and read NSB.  I appreciate your readership, encouragement and support.  And I'll try to lessen the number of times per month that I write about baby hats.


Meghan said...

Who doesn't love a good baby hat!

Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary, glad you're back! Plus babies look extra cute in hats!!
Ella Mae

Mother of Pearl said...

All is forgiven, love that baby hat, but just can't figure out what that baby is thinking about!!!

As for count down to xmas gifts... why not just do 8 gifts for Chanukah and your job is done!

Leah (it's me) said...

Thank you for the forgiveness! I felt quite guilty.

Mother of Pearl - The baby is dreaming of sushi!!!

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Just about all is actually pardoned, adore which infant loath, however cannot determine exactly what which infant is actually considering!!!

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