Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Blue Ivy Conspiracy

Next Stop Baby (the blog you are currently reading) is not a celebrity gossip blog.  I (the blogger) don't know any insider news about celebrities.  I don't live in California, much less Los Angeles.  I'm just hopelessly tacky with my obsession for all things celebrity.  It's common for me to through in a celebrity reference here or there.  And, once in a while, I dedicate an entire post to Teen Mom or Pregnant in Heels because they represent a crossover area of both celebrity and I feel like it's allowed. Today, is a bit of a crossover area as well - Blue Ivy Carter.  I got questions.

I was so excited when the news of Beyonce and Jay Z's baby girl, Blue Ivy, hit the celebrity gossip websites.  I was all over it.  I read about the crazy money that the super celeb couple spent on their hospital suite at Lenox Hill.  I read about the meaning behind Blue Ivy's unique name.  And, I read about all the other celebs' reactions to the fantastic news.  There was a lot to read.  

Then, I heard (note: I didn't read) a rumor that Beyonce didn't herself give birth to Blue Ivy.  Here is the full rumor, as I was told: Beyonce was never pregnant.  She didn't want to get pregnant herself and lose her figure and job opportunities along with it.  She faked the pregnancy because she didn't like the image of surrogacy.  She wore around a fake baby bump on her torso and some chicken cutlets in her bra to give the illusion.  At Lenox Hill Hospital, she and Jay Z had an entire floor to themselves and only those in the know and sworn to secrecy were allowed on the floor.

My immediate reaction to this tall tale?  Bullshit.  There's just no way.  First, I don't buy that someone, even an ego-centric, I-own-the-world type celebrity (not that I think Beyonce fits that definition), would go to those measures.  Do you agree?  Second, even if someone had the balls to try and pull of a scheme of that complexity, it wouldn't work.  The news would leak.  Someone would get their hands on those medical records and the whole, silly thing would be revealed.

She looks pregnant here and
I'm not sure how this could be faked.

I was going to scour the internet for all the evidence of this wild allegation, but I think pulling together a collection of fake pregnancy evidence would only dignify the rumor.  Plus, other websites have already done that!  (Like this one).

What do you think?  Have you heard this rumor?  I'm just not a conspiracy theorist.  I even believe that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are happily married....


Christina said...

Hmm, may get the answer thru Blue's Clues. Hope Blue looks like her Mommy :^)

Anonymous said...

Blue Ivy. Ivy.

Leah (it's me) said...

Dear Anonymous - THANK YOU. That was just sloppy on my part (others: the post included "Blue Ivry" up until 5 minutes ago). I swear I'm a better celeb gossiper than that.

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I'm so glad you posted about this. But first- did you see the 'news' that Leah Messer was pregnant...again...with twins? By her fiance (or maybe now new husband) I can't remeber which magazine reported it or if it's even true but I figured you would know. okay back to Beyonce.

I personally do not believe the surrogacy story. There are so many rumors surrounding her pregnancy that you can't believe anything you hear or read about them. Apparently it's not even true that they rented out the whole 4th floor of the hospital- that they just had the normal executive suite (which is the same suite that Alicia Keys gave birth in). Supposedly Bey and Jay donate a bazillion to the hospital which in turn the executive suite under went some major renovations. However there is an entire website dedicated to this Beyonce pregnancy conspiracy. And because this comment just got too long- I'm going to email you know.