Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hardest Sacrifice

What's the hardest sacrifice that a woman has to make when she gets pregnant?  Don't think too deeply on this one.  I'm not talking about life-altering, emotional sacrifices like choosing the needs of one's unborn baby over oneself.  I'm talking about the opposite - shallow, temporary sacrifices.  Today I'm polling this question for no other reason than satisfying my curiosity.

Which of the following would be, is or was the hardest thing to sacrifice during pregnancy.  If I don't list your vice below, please feel free to spell out whatever else it is that you will miss/are missing/have missed for 40 weeks.  Kindly leave your choice in a comment.

ALCOHOL - This has to be top on the sacrifice list for most, or am I just a wino?

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LARGE AMOUNTS OF CAFFEINE - You are correct if you believe that small amounts of caffeine on a daily basis are no big deal (at least this is what I read after a stitch of research).  But, if you're a pot of coffee a day type lady, there will be necessary cut backs.  A cup of Joe a morning is fine, a half dozen espressos is probably not.

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SUSHI - I've recently heard that as long as you're eating reliable sushi, you're allowed to keep the soy sauce flowing.  Reliable sushi being sushi from a restaurant/vendor that you know and trust to be 100% bacteria/parasite free.  But, it's very hard to know when you're eating reliable sushi, so for most this will be a sacrifice.

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RECREATIONAL DRUGS - I just put it on the list to see if anyone was interested in admitting their habits in the publicly accessible yet judgment free forum provided on NSB.

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CONTACT SPORTS AND EXTREME SPORTS - I'm not an ob/gyn as you may have known or guessed.  But, from what I have learned through the journey of blogging on NSB, activities like horseback riding, bungee jumping and lacrosse become less easy to do when you're pregnant.  And, there are some studies showing that they present a risk to the little one.

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Now go ahead and comment with your vote.  I'll vote too.


Chrissy said...

LOL. From your list, I vote Sushi.

What was hardest for me were not alcohol, sushi and the things basically whatever the doc says absolutely not to. The hardest were the this is probably not ok... topical acne medications, things like that. The things that are "probably safe," but no one knows for sure are way more tempting than the no-no list.

Anonymous said...

I vote alcohol. I love beer so much. :(

Leah (it's me) said...


Kendall said...

Maybe sushi but you can always have vegetarian sushi! the rest i could easily give up/ they dont apply. As long I could keep teaching yoga and stay semi active id be a happy camper!

Melinda Cifuentes said...

shockingly, despite my obvious love of wine... when pregnant i really didn't want any. for me it was the no coffee, no diet drinks... and i didn't want to drink non-diet stuff and juice bc of all the sugar... so for 9 months it was water... so boring

The Mrs./The Mom said...

None of the above. For me, it was watching my seafood consumption. I don't eat sushi but the same kind of rules apply. Can't have anything with high mercury content and had to stay under a certain amount of the other stuff like shrimp and salmon.

Mimi said...

What I missed most was deli cold cuts, meat!! My MD said to avoid cold deli meat while preggo because of risk of listeria...I craved an Italian sub the whole time...oh and feta cheese!

Anonymous said...

Just one vote? I can't pick just one, so I'll put them in order of preference:

1. Wine
2. Sushi but especially sashimi, a definite no-no
3. Deli meat. Didn't think of it until I read another commenter, but I love deli turkey. I have tried "heating until steaming" as suggested but it usually just shrivels up and definitely doesn't taste the same!

Mother of Pearl said...

For me coffee. Though if I had the guts to bungee jump, I might miss that! If they say no ice cream then I say let the baby take its chances, you have to draw the line somewhere!

Kim said...

I would miss both wine and soft cheeses - goat and Feta are my favorites!!

Erika Anne (from WiggsyInc Blog) said...

Maybe this is just me buying into all the hype when it comes to going to extremes to be cautious, but I will really miss using all my super-chemical products like perfumes and creams and hair stuff. I have some awesome Aveda stuff that's way more natural, but it'a also pricey, and you're stuck with the 'Aveda' smells, and chances are they're not actually 100% certifiably baby safe... but you have to draw the line somewhere. I will just miss the cotton candy scented things!

Jessica said...

Alcohol! I love micro-brews so much. I like to pair them with food like most people do with wine.

WW said...

I would like more information on the hair products and lotions to stay away from while pregnant. I have never heard that before.

As for what I will miss....Cherry Coke Zero and an increased heart rate. I was going to say that I will miss my bikini most, but I am pretty sure I will be waddling around in one of those until delivery time.