Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My First First Birthday Party

In a few weeks I will be attending a birthday party for a little lady who is turning one-year-old.  It's her first birthday and it will be my first time as a guest at a first birthday party.  Lots of firsts.

This is how I imagine a
1st birthday party.
Why bother with the bib? 

I have many questions about attending a first birthday party.  What should I wear?  I'm assuming something casual, but would jeans be rude?  You've just started taunting me in your head or perhaps out loud to your computer.  I agree, silly opening questions...I'll move on.  Should I get a card?  Clearly the birthday girl can't read it, but her parents could read it to her.  Or I could get a card for her parents, like "Congratulations on your child turning one".  It's a house party.  I would typically bring a bottle of wine, so should I bring juice instead?  Animal crackers?  And, the most important question, what do I get my favorite mini person?  The gift!

Focusing strictly on the gift dilemma, I turned to my beloved internet.  First up, I found article on BabyCenter.com.  That was a fail.  It featured a photo of a 4-year-old (not a 1-year-old) and a long list of toys categories (not specific toys).  Next up was an online discussion forum.  Strangers advised me to buy a harmonica or mixing bowls.  The mixing bowl idea suggested that the bowls would start out as makeshift drums and ultimately parlay into teaching tools so the youngster could get started on his or her culinary education as early as possible.  Wha?!!  At last I discovered the "first birthday" section on giggle.com, which recommends specific, age-appropriate gifts.  After all that, I'm still at a loss.  Help.  Please.  Below are my leading ideas.

A U.S. Savings Bond.  It's money in the bank (in 30 years).  I already went this route for her baptism, but it's a fiscally responsible choice.  She will thank me decades from now when she can buy a bunch of little black dresses, assuming those are still hot in 2041 (holy shit...2041).

Clothing is a necessity for growing babies.  While she already has a hot little wardrobe, she also outgrows said hot little wardrobe on a weekly basis.  This wool coat by The Nutmeg Tree is too cute.  I figure her existing fall/winter wardrobes are null and void given that she's about three times as big.  BONUS about this coat - you and I both can receive 15% off our purchase with the coupon code "TATORTOT"!

It's a great time for a new educational toy.  She's on the cusp of speaking and already starting to walk.  And, according to that long and vague list from BabyCenter.com, nesting toys are great for a 1-year-old.  With all this in mind, I found these top contenders.

Plan Toy Baby Blocks Walker

Whoozit "What's Red?" Soft Book

Manhattan Toy Mod Baby Zimble Stacker

I could also scrap the practical and logical and just go with these.  Because they're awesome.  They're dragon slippers by jdbaby.

Have you ever attended a first birthday party?  What did you wear bring?  What's your 1-year-old's favorite toy?


Christina said...

I am a firm believer in the adage, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." What better time to start her collection than at her 1st birthday party. Little diamond studs are perfect (she can move them to her nose or navel when she's a teen KIDDING!...or not?) A diamond initial can be worn on a chain or added to a charm bracelet. Of course, a gift from Tiffany's is classic. After all, it's never too early to turn a girl on to that little blue box :D

Jaime said...

Dragon slippers. 100%. Do these come in adult sizes??

WW said...

My mom use to give me a charm for special occasions. They were all directly linked to whatever I was "into" at the time (I think I may have a violin in there somewhere which is odd to me). They may only appreciate the box at 1 year old, but by the time they are 20, they will mean a lot.

First birthday photo invitations said...

So adorable little baby!