Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mint Baby Shower, So Fresh and So Clean

Pink is the new black.  Or is it red that's the new black?  Something is always the new black.  Well, green is the new yellow when it comes to color choice for a gender neutral baby shower.  There are so many beautiful shades of green - sage, kelly and lime name a few.  Below I've collected some mint green invitations, foods and decor to host a fabulous baby shower for a boy or a girl or a surprise.

Pretty in Print Shop makes this first invitation.  The raised onesie embellishment shown below can be replaced with a button, elephant or butterfly.  Check out the Etsy shop for details. 

This baby shower invitation from has a really modern color palette (that of course includes mint) with a whimsical, retro feel.  I love it.

These next two invitations are made by and I couldn't choose between them, so I just included both.  I'm not sure how they'll look on your computer screen, but I'm willing to concede that the first is not quite mint colored...but close enough.  The first has the feel of credits from old fashioned, silent movie.  The second is simple and modern.  

The Food

There are so many delicious mint foods.

  • Mint tea (cold or hot) - a mug or glass of tea garnished with sprigs of mint would be easy and tasty.
  • Mojitos - Mint is also a key ingredient in mojitos, yum.  I found a great recipe (here) for a virgin mojito that tastes like the real thing (I cannot personally vouch for it, let me know how it goes).
  • Mint flavored frosting - Brownies, whoopie pies and cupcakes are all made even more delicious with some mint flavored frosting.  You could also bake in some mint chips (think chocolate chips, but mint flavored) into basic sugar cookies or fudgy brownies.
  • Standard Candy - A bowl of peppermint patties or sweet mint flavored gum could be snacks or parting gifts.
  • Artisan Candy - Check out the mint chocolate chip ice cream lollipops below.  Vintage Confections makes many delicious treats, like these lollipops (visit the Etsy shop).

by Vintage Confections

The Decorations

Yes, this adorable umbrella confetti would work with for any color scheme.  Maker GFetti offers all the color choices below on this lovely 6 foot string.

Tons of beautiful colors to choose from
including the color of the day...MINT.

These cupcake liners by Little Monster Hugs are inexpensive, mint colored and so cute with their polka dots.

The Gilded Bee makes this beautiful paper lace.  Use your imagination to decorate and decorate some more - wrap it around mason jars for flower filled centerpieces, make straw flags or a frame cream index card for baby advice cards.

A mint pom (or three) would spruce up any living room into a party palace.  The Pom Tree makes the mint colored pom below.

Finally, mini circus bunting from Jaime Mancilla.  This package of three 3' strands features the colors mint and pink.  When the party is over these would make a lovely edition to the nursery.


Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVEEE THIS!!! xo jaime mancilla

photo baby shower invitations said...

Green is my favorite color, that's why I really love your baby shower!