Friday, March 11, 2011

Unique Baby Essentials

Another post about things I didn't (until now) know about pregnancy and babies.  This post has a special dedication to odd baby products that assist with odd needs of a new parent.  Needs that I never could have imagined exist.

Let's get started with nursing pads.  For women who choose to breastfeed, the first few months can produce some leakage.  Seriously.  Hence the invention of nursing pads.  They are small, circular pads that slip into a bra.   They prevent public incident (think partial wet t-shirt contest) and breast milk stains...which are apparently hard to remove.  Here are a few awesome things about these (below) nursing pads: they are made from natural and organic fabrics, they are machine washable, the maker (Rebourne) is an awesome Etsy crafter who would love to answer any questions you have about nursing pads, and if you use the Coupon Code "nextstopbaby" you will get 15% off!!! 

Next up, the Pee-Pee Teepee.  This is a little (very little) fabric cone.  It addresses the hazard of a baby boy's uncontrollable urination.  When the diaper is removed there is an instant and significant golden shower risk.  I suppose goggles would also work, but it's much easier to proactively stop the problem at its source than reactively clean the pee out of your clothes, carpet and teeth.  These Pee-Pee Teepees from Uncommon Goods are for "The Sprinkling Wee-Wee."  They are available in regular and organic cotton and they come in a mini laundry bag.

Last on the list (for now) is The Woombie.  A great name for a great invention.  My layman (read: non-parent) definition of swaddle is the act of bundling your baby in a blanket.  It's actually a lot more serious than that.  A true swaddle is a tight wrap that firmly binds the baby's arms against his or her body.  Like a mini straight jacket.  It looks a little creepy, but is very healthy for the baby.  It mimics the condition of the womb, which leads to better sleeping, better self-soothing, easier body temperature regulation and reduction of colic and general fussiness.  The Woombie is the ultimate swaddle tool.  Look at how content that little one is!

This is the Paprika colored no leg woombie.
There are color options,
organic options and leg/no leg options

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