Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something for the Dad-To-Be

Women are undeniably the spotlight of the whole pregnancy situation.  And for very good reason.  Yes.  But, there are also many glowing, ecstatic and incredibly dedicated fathers-to-be.  Here are few gift ideas for the men in your life who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new baby.

Children's Books - A special book for the new dad to read to his new little one.  Here are some books specifically dedicated to the father-child relationship.

Diaper Bag - You've heard of the manbag (aka the manpurse), here is a man's diaper bag.  The color scheme and cross-body strap amp up the masculinity.  It looks more aggressive-messenger-bag and less pansy-boy-shoulder-purse.  With this diaper bag, Uncommon Goods includes a onesie that reads "locally grown" and The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips and Advice on First Year Maintenance by Louis Borgenicht.  Give him a bottle and a diaper and he'll be on his way.

Flip Video - This tiny video camera easily fits in a diaper bag or a pocket for that matter.  It's relatively inexpensive (as video cameras go) and it does the trick.  Depending on the model, the doting dad can capture up to 4 hours of footage.  It's easy to upload videos onto the internet and share the latest with friends and family.  The next thing you know, the former-father-to-be will be the current-proud-producer of the video that knocks Charlie Bit My Finger off the most popular youtube video list!

Child Proofing Kit - Let the man of the house be in charge of child-proofing for the baby of the house.  These kits include door knob covers, cabinet safety latches and outlet plugs.  There are plenty of brands and kits to choose from, here are a couple:

Father-to-be Scrubs - For the father that plans to be front and center during the delivery, how about some "I'm the Daddy" scrubs.  They're much more comfortable for the long haul than jeans and much less sloppy than stained sweatpants.  I'm envisioning a scene: father-to-be screaming "who's your daddy?!?!" as he points to his scrubs and mother-to-be screaming expletives to the effect of "please be quiet."

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