Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gifts for the Momma-To-Be

Throughout the pregnancy (and for a long time after) there will be plenty of gifts for baby.  Here is a list of gifts for the mother-to-be that range in price and effort (handmade versus store bought).   

Pregnancy Survival Kit - This is a homemade kit of the pregnancy essentials.  Like a preggers first-aid kit.  Here is a list of ideas:
  • Antacid (Tums, Rolaids, etc.) - Heartburn and swirly stomach can be an ongoing ailment throughout all three trimesters
  • Saltines - A classic cure for nausea
  • Belly Band - An amazing invention that lets her wear her regular pants during the pregnancy
  • Shea Butter or Body Butter - To prevent and combat dreaded stretch marks
  • Prunes - Um, yeah.  Constipation is a pregnancy symptom for many women.  
  • Prenatal vitamins - Many women start taking these before they are actually pregnant, so see if you can do some detective work to get more stock of the brand that your friend is already using. 
Gift Certificate to a Maternity Clothing Store - Your friend is going to have to get her hands on maternity gear, even if she has a belly band.  With all that planning for the baby's arrival (read: saving and budgeting), spending money on a forgiving, empire waisted dress (read: moo-moo) will be last on her list.  So, you can do it for her.   

Pregnancy Book - This is an especially great gift for a first time mom-to-be who doesn't yet know the bizarre, gross and wonderful things that pregnancy and baby will bring.  Books are an important resource for the massive amount of information that there is to learn.  Beyond the standard books, there are also specialized books for specialized friends (vegan pregnancy, home birth pregnancy, etc.).  Here are a few top selling classics:

Pregnancy/Baby Magazine - These are great gifts for first timers and many timers.  For women experiencing their first pregnancy, a magazine is a great and relaxed way to absorb information.  Pregnancy books can be overwhelming and scary.  Magazines provide information in smaller doses and give the recipient something to look forward to on a monthly or weekly basis.  For women who are already mothers, magazines always include the latest and greatest products, health advice, parenting ideas, and everything in between. 

Jewelry - How about something impractical, non-informational and beautiful.  Pregnant women are bombarded with advice and know-how from the moment they announce their joy.  Let your friend choose her information source and instead give her something special to keep forever and connect with this amazing nine months. 

Check out these fun and unique necklaces from Brass Isaac.  This Etsy crafter also makes custom pieces, so you can work with her to choose words and charms that will be especially meaningful to the mom-to-be.

I LOVE this "poem necklace" that reads
"No one, not even the rain, has such small hands"
from a poem by E.E. Cummings.  Beautiful.

Mani/Pedi or Spa Treatment Gift Certificate - At some point, she's no longer going to be able to see her feet and her ankles are going to feel like watermelons.  A little pampering may help with both issues. For summer pregnancies this is a particularly good gift.  Some spas even specialize in "prenatal massages."  


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