Monday, March 31, 2014

Ten Signs That You're Ready for Baby #2

It's been far too long since my last Top 10 list (check out old ones here and here and here). With the founding premise of Next Stop Baby shifting to the new premise of Next Stop (Another) Baby, it seemed fitting to list signs that one is ready to add "another" to the mix. In case you're not sure that you're ready for baby number two, here are a few signs that you may be closer than you think.

1. As your toddler is throwing scrambled eggs, screaming "MAMA!!!" at a deafening volume and kicking the underside of the restaurant table, you whisper to yourself with genuine joy, "Your little brother or sister is gonna think you're so funny." 
2. You learned to knit and are geared up for a baby blanket project. Maybe even a hat.
3. When your toddler passes out in your arms (exhausted from a raging tantrum that was instigated when you refused to let him stick keys into an electrical outlet), rather than transfer him to the crib, you slowly lay down on the couch and gently scoot his body so that he sleeps on your chest. 
4. You've successfully taught your toddler to change a doll's diaper. A little tweaking and she could handle a one month old. 
5. Your toddler has transitioned to a bed. The crib needs to be sold, put in storage or... 
6. When talking about the sleep deprivation you suffered during the first three months with your first born, you say, "It really wasn't that bad" and you believe it. (Your first born didn't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time until she was 5 months old and didn't sleep through the night until 1 year). 
7. Your memory of delivering your first born is spotty with a few happy, painless, foggy details. 
8. You finally broke down and upgraded to a mini-van. 
9. Those size 5 diapers are huge. You miss the little ones. 
10. That "ready" feeling you had the first time around - you feel it again. 

Dan Osborne (UK reality TV hottie) with son Teddy.
There's nothing better than a baby sleeping on your chest.
(image source: Dan Osborne Twitter)


The Mrs./The Mom said...
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The Mrs./The Mom said...

#3 & #10- definitely me. But I swear I'll never drive a minivan...NEVER!

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