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What Should You Register For (That You Actually Need) Part 2

Last week I gave you Part 1 of my sample registry with the idea being to include only things that a first time parent actually needs (not wants, not might use once). I covered the categories of furniture, sleeping, gear and diapering. Today, I'm covering feeding, bathing and health & safety.

  • Nursing Pillow - Nursing pillows are useful whether breastfeeding or not. They make feeding time comfortable for you and for the baby. And some nursing pillows (like the Boppy) are also great for tummy time and learning to sit.
  • Burp Clothes/Cloth Diapers (12+) - Some babies spit up more than others, but all babies dribble and gurgle and drool at least a little. Burp clothes handle the clean up and they can also be used as wipes (for those against disposable wipes) and as tissues (they're softer on those tiny noses).
  • Bibs (2+) - Why do you need burp clothes and bibs? The burp cloth protects your outfit and the bib protects the baby's outfit. Don't register for a dozen bibs because you'll undoubtedly receive many "non-registry" bibs that say things like "If you think I'm handsome you should see my uncle" or "Grandma's Little Angel". Remember, the tackier the phrase, the less you'll care when it's covered in cheesy spit up.
  • Bottles (2+) - How many bottles you need depends on whether you intend to breastfeed and for how long. Don't register for a set of Dr. Brown's because that's what everyone does. Really consider your plan and know that these are not high cost or rare items, so you can always pick up more bottles after the baby arrives.
  • Bottle Brush - It's damn near impossible to properly clean the inside of a bottle without one.
  • High chair - You don't need this (or the next two items) right away, but you do need it.
  • Spoons (2+)
  • Sippy Cups (2+) 
If You're Breastfeeding...
  • Breast Pump
  • Breastmilk Storage - A combination of plastic/glass/metal containers and plastic bags is a good idea until you know what works best for you.
  • Nursing Pads - You can go with disposable pads or reusable pads (check Etsy for makers of reusable pads).
  • Nipple Cream

TIP: Nursing pillows are easy to borrow. Most people only use them for the first 6 months or so. Rather than register for the pillow, just register for an extra cover (Boppy and Breast Friend nursing pillows both sell extra covers separately) and use it with your borrowed pillow.

I love this sippy cup, if you want to go stainless steal.
(image source)

  • Bathtub - Trying to hold or dip your baby in water sounds uncomfortable and really dangerous. So, yes, I think this is a necessity.
  • Baby Wash - This is an all-in-one shampoo and soap that won't sting eyes and is extra sensitive on that delicate skin.

TIP: Hooded towels, baby washcloths and Aquaphor are not necessities, but they're really useful and also make things easier because they're sized and designed for mini people.

Baby wash in a pump container (like Little Twig) is so convenient.
You can get a cheap pump container from Target and fill it with your favorite brand.
(image source)

  • Ointment (2) - There are so many options out there. A+D, Desitin, Balmex, Butt Paste (that's not a joke) name a few. Register for one or two different (standard size) kinds and see what jives with your little one before you go economy.
  • Comb and Brush - A lot of babies are hairless at birth. But, if yours happens to have a full coif, you'll be grateful for these.
  • Nail Clipper - Research this product well because cutting baby nails is really hard and you don't need a product that's going to make it harder. (Tip: nail files are the way to go once the baby's nails are strong enough and you can use your standard nail file, no special baby nail file needed)
  • Nasal Aspirator - You'll get one from the hospital, so (technically) it's not a necessity. But, it's nice to have two (one for the nose, one for the mouth or just an extra when one is dirty).
  • Thermometer - If you already have a standard digital thermometer at home, then you're all set. You will stick that under your baby's armpit to get your read. Some people prefer rectal thermometers because they're more accurate. It's your call. It's personal. It's between you, your baby's tush and the thermometer.
  • Outlet covers - This and the next 2 items are needed for the mobile months (and years).
  • Cabinet locks
  • Gate

TIP: Monitors aren't a necessity in that you and your baby will be okay without one. BUT, I strongly recommend one. Having a visual monitor (not just an audio monitor), let's you make a more educated decision about whether you are actually needed in the nursery. Without the extra bit of info that a visual monitor provides, you're bound to go into the nursery when you're not actually needed. This means that you'll be getting out of bed for no reason (boo) and by entering the nursery you risk waking up your baby, who might be just tossing and turning (double boo). Visual monitors help everyone in the house sleep better.

The Nose Frida (aka the snot sucker) is a favorite of many moms. The idea is gross, but it really works.
(image source)

If you're wondering about the best place to register for all these great products, here are links to a few old posts to help with that (here, here and here). And HERE is a post about where I chose to register.

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