Friday, July 13, 2012

Stuff People Google 60

How friggin funny:

is the host from pregnant in heels always pregnant?

Today's edition of Stuff People Google is just awesome.  Rosie Pope, the host in question, has been pregnant now for 2 seasons in a row (with her second son and her first daughter).  Oh, and the show itself has only been on Bravo for 2 seasons.  So, it's a fair question.  Is her pregnancy staged for the show?  Does Bravo only film when she's with child?  Or is the timing just magical perfect for a show about pregnancy and babies?  I'm fairly certain that it's the latter - she's just a baby crazy lady (like myself) who not only owns a maternity clothing line and runs baby/Lamaze/parenting classes, but also wants a full house of baby Popes.  

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