Friday, July 20, 2012

Stuff People Google 61

I have no doubt why the typist of today's edition of Stuff People Google found Next Stop Baby.  First, here's the search phrase:

I recently wrote two posts with the word Meathole in their title (here and here).  One was about Hilary Duff and the other about Amber Portwood.

I didn't make up the word meathole, my friend did.  And, I'm not so sure my friend intended to make it up.  Rather, he misheard/misquoted a line from Roadhouse and so meathole was born.  I thought it was hysterical (because it is) and decided to use it on NSB.  I define "meathole" as a synonym for jackhole...which is a synonym for...idiot.  I can only guess what the creep who typed today's search phrase believed the meaning of meathole to be, but I'm guessing it wasn't idiot.

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