Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Does Mom Get Sick Days?

Everyone gets sick.  Everyone has down days.  Days that you call out from work either truly sick or in dire need of a mental health day.  On these days, you wanna watch crappy television or rent a movie, you want to eat forbidden foods and sleep an absurd number of hours.  You want your mom or your husband or your best friend to feel bad for you.  You want to be cared for and coddled.

Okay, now what happens when you have one of these sick, downer days...and you're a mom???  My guess is that an infant isn't going to provide the kind of sympathy and back rub that one is looking for when feeling like crap.  What's more, an infant's needs don't go on hold just because mom has the sniffles...or something more serious.

There are plenty of things that one has to change about her lifestyle (or give up altogether) when a baby arrives.  Things like travel and happy hour and new $300 shoes.  And, I think, these are the things that are most considered and discussed when deciding whether one is ready to have a baby.  But what about the more mundane, day-to-day sacrifices?  What about no more mental health days?  What about saying a long, sad good-bye to "me time" whenever the mood strikes you?

What did you think would be the hardest thing to change/give up when you had a baby?  What truly was the hardest thing to change/give up when you had a baby?

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Mother of Pearl said...

Putting something down, and going back to get it, and it isn't there, it has been moved and now you have to guess what your kid (not necessarily infant) might have done with it.

Otherwise, I just wanted to be able to take a shower without jumping out to screams and cries, and to negotiate a sibling fight while freezing and dripping wet. Hence in our house the big rule: no fighting while mommy is in the shower!