Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Houndstooth Everything...Before it's too Late

I had an amazing post idea about how the Republic presidential candidates are a lot like the men of the Jersey Shore.  Seriously.  Then, I remembered that I write a baby blog.  I found zero (reasonable) ways to connect the concept of "baby crazy" with the GOP primary elections.  And so, instead, I'm bringing you a post about houndstooth.  But, in case you were interested, here are the parallels...you can imagine the reasoning:

Vinny = Mitt Romney
Pauly D = Ron Paul
Ronnie = Rick Santorum
Situation = Newt Gingrich 

I've been in a houndstooth mood this winter.  It's a classic pattern, but can easily be incorporated into a modern motif.  It works for clothes, accessories, furniture and home decor...including toilet seats (here).  If I were a mood board, I would look like this:

images (hereherehere, here and here)

Or, maybe like this:

The tragedy is that houndstooth is a seasonal pattern - fall and winter appropriate.  So, before the spring is upon us...which I'm crossing my fingers is soon...here are some fabulous handmade, houndstooth gems from Etsy.

Onesie by Dread Pirate Design ($10)

Two bibs and burp cloth set by Vintage Kandy ($18)

Diaper clutch and wet bag by Bushy Tails ($15)

Black loafers by Ivory and Moss ($28) and
Brown loafers by Baby Love by Abbie ($15)

Grey blanket by Sew Wonderfully Made ($34)


Brooke said...

Hey! Thanks for featuring my diaper clutch! :) I love houndstooth, too.

Mother of Pearl said...

Uh Oh! I think I just became a baby crazed potential grandma. I think I may just have to buy those houndstooth slip ons!!! A pair for grandmama and a pair for baby-to-be.

I'm in love!!!