Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

Today's post was inspired by this sweet baby shower invitation from (below).  It's slightly non-traditional in that there are no bunnies or giraffes or pregnant lady cartoons.  It's a little cool and a lot sweet.

I'm typically resistant to sharing gender specific baby shower ideas.  I think it's easier to plan a baby shower for a girl or a boy than it is to plan a baby shower for a surprise.  So, I prefer to assist the surprise gender baby showers with my creativity (and uncanny ability to scour the world wide web).  But, it's been a while since I've posted girly girl baby shower ideas and then I came across that cute pink heart invitation.  Hence, today's post about a PINK baby shower.

The Decor

Hot pink cupcake liners by Bakers Bling Shop ($6.50/100)
Spring showers party banner by GFetti ($6/six foot banner)
Polka dot paper plates from Posh Party Box (matching napkins available)
Pink umbrella party picks by Below Blink ($3.50/two dozen)

It's just so easy to find pink decor.  Check out, check out Target, check out Michael's craft stores and dollar stores.  Check out anywhere that party decor is found.  Where party decor is found, pink party decor is found.  Don't be afraid to mix pinks, all shades of the highly feminine color get along nicely.

The Treats

Pink Champagne Cupcakes 

Strawberry cheescake jelly bean by Jelly Belly (consider all the pink Jelly Belly flavors: bubble gumcotton candy, strawberry daiquiri, pink grapefruit)
Neapolitan lollipops by Sweet Lollipop Shop ($14.95/five)
It's A Girl lollipops by Liquorish ($18/dozen)
Heart cookie by ($4.99/six)

Some of these treats are beyond the average kitchen mavens ability.  But not all.  The pink frosted heart cookie is an easy DIY with the help of a sugar cookie recipe (here) and a heart cookie cutter (here) and some pink frosting, which you can either find at your local grocery store or make by adding a couple dashes of red food dye to a basic white frosting.  Or, just frost your cupcake with white frosting and decorate it with some delicious, pink jelly beans.  

The Game Winning Prize

The pink umbrella above is from Debenhems, but just google "pink umbrella" and you'll find tons of fun choices.  Baby showers tend to feature cute (and sometimes embarrassing and sometimes annoying) games.  A pretty pink umbrella would be the perfect prize for the game winner (and it would make the embarrassing, annoying game worth the embarrassment and annoyance). 


Jessica Morris said...

Adorable! We just found out that we're having a baby girl, and I might use the idea of all-pink desserts for my first baby shower which will be a Sunday brunch!

Leah (it's me) said...

Jessica!!! How have I failed to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! A little girl! How perfect. I'm so happy for you.