Friday, August 17, 2012

Stuff People Google 65

Today's edition of Stuff People Google likely brought the typist to Next Stop Baby thanks to one of my most popular posts of all time.  First, here's the phrase:

people who named their kid katniss

It's not the craziest or grossest phrase I've shared.  Rather, I think I googled these exact words at some point last year when I was writing the highly popular post I referenced: Katniss Is Not a Real Name.  I was taken aback by how popular that post was (and still is). 

Many people challenged my assertion...that Katniss is not a real name.  There are comments that 1) Katniss IS a real name and 2) many popular names having been derived from characters in famous works of fiction.  My opinion was swayed by all the comments, but only slightly.  I still have yet to meet someone named Katniss or even hear of someone named Katniss.  So, I'm holding firm that Katniss is not a real name until that happens.  I'm curious as to whether the typist of today's phrase found an answer to his or her question.

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