Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Under Two - The Pros

Whenever a family has two children who are both under the age of two, it seems to put them in a special category.  Rather than referring to these families as simply having two kids, there's the added mention that both children are under two.  It seems that two years is some sort of marker to be considered in family planning.  Side note: I hate the term family planning.  It brings me back to freshman year in high school when I was in "Decisions" class, watching in horror as my teacher waved a condom in the air and asked for volunteers to identify it.  Rather than expand on this memory, I'd like to get to the bottom of the "two under two" mystique.

So, let's focus on the positive (no need to join the haters club), and brainstorm all the reasons we can think of as to why it would be awesome to have two kids under two.  I'll go first after we look at some gratuitous celebrity pics.

The youngest of the Spelling/McDermott brood (Hattie and Finn) are fifteen months apart.
(Photo source)

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler will be the proud parents of two under two later this year
(Photo source: Kristin Cavallari Instagram)

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are expecting their second any day now.  Their first was born fall 2012.
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1.  You're already used to lack of sleep.  Chances are, with one child being fifteen months or younger, you're not getting a solid eight hours on the regular.  Your body is used to shorter chunks and has adapted relatively well (by now).  A return to night feedings isn't going to rock your world. 
2.  They're bound to be besties.  Whether the same gender or different, the fact that your two babes will be so close in age means that they're going to experience life at a similar pace.  They're going to have shared experiences, (probably) shared interests and (possibly) shared clothes.  This is the stuff that forever friends are made of. 
3.  No need to unpack all the baby stuff because it's already on your living room floor.  Your first born is probably too young for you to have put most stuff in storage.  Sure, there are a couple rubbermaids in the attic, but a lot of baby stuff is already where it should be.  
4.  Built in socializing.  No need to stress about engaging your children in social situations that will build sharing and compromising skills.  There will be plenty of socializing, sharing and compromising right at home.  Morning, noon and night.

Your turn.  What else can be added to this list?


headxplode said...

You only have to "lose the baby fat" once!

Disclaimer: This follower has no children, and this is purely speculation.

headxplode said...

Eeeehhhhh....that was WW above. Please disregard my nerdy husbands gamer name.

Rebekah {McMama) said...

I love this list - it's all spot on.

And the baby fat thing! I actually found that getting pregnant again helped me LOSE weight initially - I dropped to my pre-pregnancy weight in my first trimester. (My boys are 12.5 months apart.)

Another thing to add is that everything is still fresh in your mind. I've heard people whose children were several years apart, complaining that they felt like they had to re-learn how to parent infants and toddlers because they didn't remember anything.