Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dear Baby...

I'm already going off topic.  This post has absolutely nothing to do with round two.  Well, not really.  But there are some collateral mentions.

Do you keep a baby journal?  I'm not talking about the classic baby book that keeps track of birth stats and milestones and height/weight charts.  Not that there's anything wrong with those, I have one and have taken my documenting responsibilities very seriously.  But, for the moment, I'm talking about an actual journal (think: Dear Diary), but instead of rambling about the highs and lows of your own day, rambling about the highs and lows of your baby's day.  Maybe it's a story about the bully at daycare that pulled her hair or the afternoon that he puked peas all over your comforter, pillow and face.  The memorable stuff.

I'll answer first - Yes, I keep one of these baby journals (in addition to my classic baby book).  Kind of.  I kept a pregnancy journal and wrote very often.  I think my purpose was to release some of the excitement.  As soon as I discovered that I was pregnant I immediately wanted to converse with my unborn child.  Pronto.  So, I wrote to him/her (I didn't know that she was a she at the time).  And then, part way through my pregnancy, it seemed that I was also writing to myself.  I was chronicling the nausea patterns and the first feelings of movement so I would know for the second time because I (correctly) assumed that I wouldn't remember every little detail.

Once my daughter was born I continued to write in my pregnancy journal, which then became this baby journal that I speak of.  It's sort of like a collection of letters to my daughter.  If I'm being honest, I don't write often.  But if something particularly memorable happens or if I spy the journal under the stack of books on my nightstand, I'll sit and take a minute to give an update.

I have a friend whose mother still keeps a baby journal for her.  After 30 some years, her mother still writes about her daughter for her daughter.  Amazing, huh?  I have another friend who writes in one of those "A Line A Day" journals for her daughter.  I love this.  I may steal it for my round two.

Here's the One Line a Day book that my friend uses.
There is also one specifically called Mom's One Line a Day.

My baby journal is extremely basic, it's from Barnes and Noble.  It's not a moleskin notebook, but might as well be.

Here is a sweet one that I found on, a website that I love, hence the fact that I've mentioned it in many a post.  They have a ton of baby related (and non baby related) stuff, including a fantastic selection of baby journals, most of which you can personalize with photos or the baby's name.  Great gift.

So, back to you.  Did you keep a baby journal?  Will you?  Do you have one of those milestone baby books?  Were you just as good at journaling/documenting for baby number two as baby number one?

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Lia Capri said...

I bought one of those line a day books and was so superstitious I didn't write in it. I was afraid it would jinx the pregnancy. I even started by writing the one line a day on a loose leaf paper to then put in but I never felt comfortable enough to fill it in and eventually stopped all together. I'm not a superstitious person generally although I prefer to walk around a ladder than under it but I didn't want to take any chances with pregnancy (except unpasteurized cheese, I took a chance on that)