Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Proper Farewell

I guess I hate goodbyes?  I'm not sure, but I should probably look into it.  First there was my slow and slightly awkward retreat from blogging.  Admittedly, I was less than graceful in stepping back from Next Stop Baby last winter/spring.  Though, I finally did announce my hiatus in a vaguely respectable post (here's the post).

Then, there was my failure to bid adieu to Rosie Pope and her pregnant ladies that sometimes wore heels.  To this day, the most read post on Next Stop Baby is the one where I called out Rosie's (seeming) lisp.  By "called out", I mean that I wrote about someone else who called out Rosie's lisp to her face her twitter handle.  I'm a lot of talk and very little action.

You may have noticed that Pregnant in Heels didn't make it to Season Three.  Last April, Bravo announced its 2012 shows that would be kept on for another season...Pregnant in Heels wasn't on the list.  Kind of sad (for a few).  There wasn't even a formal announcement that the show got cancelled.  It was canned by omission.  Clearly I'm not the only one who hates goodbyes.

Now that I'm back, I feel that it's only right for me to formally thank Rosie Pope and all those involved in the production of Pregnant in Heels.  Mrs. Pope and her show were the subject of ten posts, two of which describe the time that I met her saw her in close proximity.  She brought Next Stop Baby a lot of readers and she brought me personally a lot of fodder for sarcastic, joyful posts.  So, thanks Rosie.  You may not have made it to Season Three on Bravo, but you made it to Season Ten in my book!

And Next Stop Baby loves you, duh.

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