Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Shower Partay...Whoop Whoop

I'm a Gleek.  No, that's a slight exaggeration.  I'm not quite a Gleek.  Gleek status requires a Glee obsession and, truth be told, I've missed a few episodes.  But I do watch nearly every week and thoroughly enjoy it whenever I do.  Immediately following Glee is New Girl.  It's the new half hour sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel.  And, while it's no Glee, it's pretty good.  I first started watching it accidentally because I was too lazy to change the channel after Glee.  Holy couch potato Batman.  But in recent weeks it's been a conscious choice.  New Girl is kind of funny and kind of cute.  Plus, Justin Long just joined the cast as the boyfriend of Jess (Zooey Deschanel's character), which bolsters the shows Rom/Com credibility thanks to his starring role in She's Just Not That Into You.

You know Justin Long.
He dated Drew Barrymore for a while.

This week on New Girl, one of the male characters (Schmidt) attended a baby shower.  It was at some outdoor, pool, patio, potted tree locale.  It was at night, which was evident because it occurred after the work day and it was dark outside.  All the lady guests were sporting stilettos and evening attire.  Everyone was mingling around high top tables and sipping martinis.  In fact, it was quite the boozefest.  Schmidt and all the ladies, with the exception of the lady of honor, were three sheets by the end of the sitcom baby shower.

Bullet-pointed Review:

  • Swanky locale - Fairly normal in a Los Angeles type way
  • Night time - Slightly less normal, baby showers are more of a Sunday afternoon event
  • Stiletto and cocktail dress guest attire - Slightly less normal for a baby shower, but highly normal for a night time event in Los Angeles
  • Boozefest......wha????

Read only the bold words - sounds like a bachelorette party, not a baby shower.  So, why did I just recount a baby shower scene from a new (and arguably mediocre) sitcom?  Because art often mimics life often mimics art.  I'm wondering whether cocktail party baby showers the new, hot trend?  

Before I judge, let me confess that I've only ever attended the mid-afternoon tea and cookies type baby shower.  Now I'll judge: the boozy baby shower seems like an bad odd choice given that the mother-to-be is supposed to lay off the sauce.  It would be like throwing a peanut butter party for someone who is allergic to nuts.  Or something like that.  Does the pregnant honoree mind drinking sparkling apple cider while the guests chug champagne?  It just seems that when a baby shower turns alcohol-induced, it stops being about the mom-to-be and starts being about everyone else.  Thoughts?


Kate, friend of WW said...

I had a "booze filled" baby shower thrown by the lovely "WW" back in August and while it wasn't quite dark out, it did start at 4 pm and was on a Saturday. This decision to have lots of booze and have it later on a Saturday was totally based on the friends invited. I knew that the majority of my girlfriends (and mom & M.I.L.) LOOOVE to drink. So, why bore them with a sober party on my behalf? I looked at it as if these girls are willing to spend their time & money on my unborn baby, then the least I can do for them is provide good food & plenty of booze to ensure they have a great time. Needless to say, no one jumped into a pool, but most people enjoyed the sauce!

WW said...

I think the idea is winning! IF I were pregnant (which I am not), I would be more jealous of the cute cocktail dresses and hot strappy shoes than anything else. Let's face it, most women dread having to go to showers. Make it a celebration! It may be the last time in a while that you get throw a cocktail party that doesn't end before 8pm.

Chrissy said...

I like it.