Monday, October 22, 2012

Name That Bump 5 - Revealed

As always, before I reveal the lady behind the bump from Name That Bump 5, here is the headless photo to refresh your memory:

And the lady is - Gwenyth Paltrow!!!  Amy and Ella Mae were correct.  

WW and Mother of Pearl, the headless image definitely looks as if it could be Posh.  But, Posh Spice (aka Victoria Beckham), while married to a Brit (soccer player David Beckham), is not what I would consider an accomplished actress.  She may have starred in Spice World with her fellow Spice Girls bandmates, but an Academy Award winner she is NOT.

Remember Spice World (circa 1998)?  Okay, I never saw it (shame on me), 
but I hear it's a cult classic.  I've just never met anyone in the cult.


Amy said...

I'm in the cult...definitely seen it and loved it. Haha! :)

WOO I finally got one right!

Leah (it's me) said...

Amy! You're in the cult?! Amazing.