Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Told That Babies Steal Sleep

Today's post revisits a topic I've written about before (here) - how babies affect parents' sleep.  If you're pregnant it's something that everyone is warning you about, if you have a baby it's something you're acutely aware of and not happy about.  Lack of sleep sucks.

Earlier this week, a blogging friend (Kendall) who writes On An Inhale posed a simple question on Facebook:

On An Inhale is not a baby blog.  It's a yoga, health, nutrition blog.  But, again, lack of sleep sucks and it sucks not just for parents, but for everyone.  And by "sucks" I mean that it has a serious impact on a person's health and well-being.  Hence, On An Inhale took on the topic.  

The question itself (above) wasn't mind blowing, just a general topic that seemingly all sorts of people could weigh in on.  The discussion that ensued was far more controversial.  Poor Kendall was pounced on by comment after comment that she clearly didn't have children because lack of sleep was not a choice for parents.  No amount of planning could assist a parent in gaining more sleep.  Essentially, nine hours of steady snoozing was a forgotten fairy tale once baby arrived. 

I get that newborns don't sleep all...and when they do it's in small chunks that adult bodies don't find satisfying in the least.  I get that parents of a 3-month-old are literally running on adrenaline, sweat and as much caffeine as they can stomach.  But, am I wrong to think that at some point the tables adjust (though they may not completely turn).  At some point, a parent can get seven hours sleep at night without it being a miracle, right?  Maybe nine hours of straight zzzzs will be reserved for weekends when the kids are at their grandparents, but does sleep deprivation last from a child's birth until college graduation?

Someone, please, answer me.  And if you don't have anything nice (and reassuring) to say on this topic, then please don't answer me.

PS - If you want to check out On An Inhale 
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superfizz said...

My babies did not sleep well, but now they do. I think they also trick you, all of a sudden they will sleep 5 or 6 hours a night and you wake with a start thinking something happened. I also think it depends on the baby.

That being said, I read the book:

and she had an entirely different experience in France with babies and sleep. It really surprised me.

Anonymous said...

I have neighbours that have two kids (1 & 2) and they said that with the help of a sleep consultant both kids were sleeping through the night by around 9 weeks. I have no experience with kids ... yet... but I already made an appointment with this consultant for when my baby is due. I think (hope) there is hope.