Friday, June 29, 2012

Stuff People Google 58

Today's search phrase confused me. 

baby blanket pucking

At first I thought the typist had intended to type "baby blanket puking", but accidentally added the "c".  I assumed it was a search about cleaning baby vomit out of a blanket.  Seemed like a viable explanation.  For kicks, I googled the exact phrase to see if my theory held up.  It sort of did.  Yes, the 2nd highest result involved puking and blankets, but the top result did not (nor did any of the other results that I care to scroll through.  The top result was for where a whole mess of hockey themed baby blankets are sold.  Hmmm.  But,  if this is what someone was looking for wouldn't the word "hockey" be a better search choice than "pucking"?  The mystery continues...

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