Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meathole of the Week

Who watches Watch What Happens Live?  I'm a Real Housewives fanatic and WWHL comes on after every episode (of every season) so I often find myself tuning in.  I also happen to get a kick out of the host Andy Cohen.  Every episode Andy announces his "mazel of the day" and his "jackhole of the day" - the former gives praise, the latter not so much - to different people, places and things in pop-culture.

Last week I read a headline on that irked me.  A lot.  So much so that I decided to bite off of Andy Cohen's nightly ritual on WWHL and announce my own jackhole (renamed meathole) of the week.  This week's meathole is Hilary Duff and the headline below is the reason why she's won the title.

I cringed and rolled my eyes upon seeing the obnoxious headline, but then forced myself to read the article in case my reaction was premature.  My hope was that Ms. Duff's quote was taken out of context and she actually said something like this: labor was of course painful and a bit chaotic, but it was 'very easy' compared to some nightmare stories that I've heard.  Not so much.  All quotes in the article were taken from Hilary's recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show (a video clip was included in the article), so there was no mincing of words.  Not only did Hilary brag about labor being easy as pie, but she also noted that her newborn Luca sleeps all night without issue.  She says, "it's possible ladies!" in that condescending I'm-Oprah-and-I'm-teaching-you-a-lesson tone.

Pah-lease.  Hilary Duff is not only a first time mom, but she's friggin Lizzie Maguire.  Not Oprah.  Her whole interview felt like a woman who looks like Adriana Lima revealing that she survives on a diet of french fries and ice cream, and never works out.  "Oh no!  I couldn't sacrifice chocolate.  The horror.  I'm just blessed with good genes," says Ms. Skinny Supermodel.  It's not that doubt that some people do have stellar DNA or that some women do have relatively easy labor.  Oh contraire.  I believe it.  What bugs me is the bragging.  Nobody likes a bragger.  Nobody.

Baby Luca (from Hilary's Instagram)

So, congrats to Hilary Duff for being Super Mom of the Year and for being Meathole of the Week.      


jill g. said...

I just peed my pants that you called her a "meathole!" hahahah!!

Leah (it's me) said...

jill g. - HA. Yeah, I said it. A friend of mine accidentally created the word meathole not too long ago and I've been using it ever since. It's too funny not to say.

Brittany said...

Agreed. How freaking obnoxious.

Jessica Morris said...

Love it. I hope "Meathole of the Week" becomes a regular feature.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why she is consider a meathole cuz she was talking bout how basically good her baby is when it comes to certain things or how easy her labor was. My labor was the labor from hell but just like Hillary Duff my son slept thru the night & was on my schedule. So what if she came off as bragging she's a new mom & just proud of the little things that her son is doing. I can admit I myself may came off as bragging when it came to talking bout my son but it was the feeling of being proud of my son & the things he be accomplishing especially if it's stuff I know kids his age aren't doing