Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a Light Sprinkle

We all know what a baby shower is, yes?  I'll answer the question anyway.  A baby shower is a party in which a mom-to-be is showered (get it?) with gifts for the unborn baby.

Traditionally, a baby shower is reserved for a woman's first child.  It's a one shot deal for the first in line.  But wait, nowadays there are a couple exceptions: when it's been a long time between babies and when a baby of a different gender is expected.  In both cases, a second baby shower is kosher.  No, you're not crazy if you're thinking that I've mentioned this concept before - I did (here).  What I didn't know in July 2011, when I briefly wrote about the modern second baby shower, is that there is a special name designated for this second baby shower - Sprinkle.  That's right, a Baby Sprinkle.

Those colorful little dots are also sprinkles.

Today's post is dedicated to the Sprinkle.  The basic difference between a Shower and a Sprinkle is exactly what it sounds like, one is more and the other is less.  At a Sprinkle, the gift giving (and entire event) are more humble.  Unlike Showers, mothers-to-be don't typically register for gifts for a Sprinkle.  The mother-to-be is lightly sprinkled with a few special gifts rather than showered with everything a woman could possibly need or want for herself and her baby.

A Sprinkle is shorter, smaller (less guests) and informal.  It's more of a casual breakfast with your closest friends who give you blue onesies for your first son.  It's less of a formal brunch with all female members of your extended family who give you breast pumps, bottles and a strollers for your first child.  An evite is sufficient, no fancy letter press invitation necessary.  A Sprinkle is fun (obviously) and mellow.

So, when you're co-worker offers to throw you a mini Shower for your second child, don't turn her down.  Just tell her to keep it simple and...ahem...it's called a Sprinkle.

In case you are theme happy and can't bare to throw a party without cohesion of centerpieces, food, drink and music, check out this old post on ice cream sundae themed baby showers (all above images are found in this post).  Where there is ice cream, there are sprinkles.

Have you been to/hosted/had a Sprinkle?  What did you think?  Is it faux pas or perfectly acceptable?

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