Monday, February 17, 2014

Double the Baby, Double the Gear?

When you add a second baby to the mix, what else do you need to add?  What other stuff do you need?  Some baby gear from your first born can be reused, but some can't.  Inevitably, you will need some additional things and some different things.  The following list is a brainstorm of the Reusable Stuff versus the New Stuff.  It's based strictly on common sense (and not experience) because I am a mother of one.  Kindly note that my common sense is not always measuring at a respectable level.

I've broken it down by category: Eat, Sleep, Travel and Everyday.


Reusable - I think most things in the EAT category are going to be reusable, like bottles, a bottle drying rack, baby utensils and plates, food storage containers for the fridge and freezer, a breast pump and a Boppy/My Breast Friend/the like.

Purchase Necessary
  • Bibs - Some of these may have suffered significant wear and tear.
  • Bottle/Sippy cup brush - It was probably time for a new one about a year ago (hopefully you took care of that), it's definitely time for a new one now.
  • Breast milk storage - This depends on what kind of storage you used and what you plan to use.  If you are into the plastic bags then you'll need more of those suckers.

I own this OXO bottle brush and am happy to report that
I replaced it midway through my bottle washing days.


Reusable - Your bassinet/co-sleeper, swaddle blankets and monitor are probably in good shape and reusable.  If you used a white noise machine or mobile, those are reusable as well.  The crib, however, is entirely dependent on whether your first born is still using it.  If baby number one has moved on to bigger bed pastures, then the crib falls into the reusable category.  If baby number one is still behind bars, then you're looking at your biggest round two purchase.

Purchase Necessary
  • Bedding - A set or two of new sheets is probably in the cards.
  • Wearable blankets - This will depend on how your old ones held up.
  • Extra monitor camera - If you are still using your monitor with your first born, then you'll want to add a camera to your system so you can spy on both kiddos.

This is a travel crib by Baby Bjorn.  I don't have it, but I've seen it in action.
While I don't love the price tag, I do love how light weight it a feather,
especially compared to the Pack N Play, which I do have.  


Reusable - This category has some big ticket items, so it would be nice to reuse as much as possible.  You should be able to put your infant car seat to use for number two.  It's unlikely that safety standards have changed much (or at all) and it's likely that it's in good enough shape.  Your carrier, whether you went with the Bjorn or Ergo or Moby or some other cool choice, will definitely make a reappearance after a quick refreshening.

Purchase Necessary
  • Portable crib - If number one still needs a portable crib, then you'll need another for baby number two...I guess...right?  It's hard for me to imagine a hotel room with multiple portable cribs, but what's the alternative?  I would love for someone who has traveled with two babies to chime in here. 
  • Toddler car seat - Your first born will probably still be using the toddler car seat when your second born is ready to transition up, so you'll need to purchase a second toddler car seat at that point.  They stay in car seats forever.
  • Double stroller - If your first born is under four years, you'll need a double stroller.  (Side note: four years is a total hypothesis on age, I don't actually know when most kids give up the stroller.)  Some single strollers are designed to attach an additional seat, so if you have one of these guys then you'll just need the extra seat.  If baby number one is closer to the four year mark, you may be able to get away with a ride along board (see below).
This is the ride along board from Uppa Baby.  Some boards are brand specific and some are universal.


Reusable - Some clothes, shoes and accessories will be reusable, though this depends on a bunch of factors that I talked about in a post a couple weeks back.  You can also reuse some health and safety stuff like thermometers, nasal syringes, an infant bathtub, towels and washcloths.

Purchase Necessary
  • Pacifiers - They're inexpensive and seem likely something that should be fresh and new.
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories - You will probably need some of this stuff based on seasonal, size and gender differences between your little ones.
  • Diapers and wipes and ointments - Obviously.
  • Humidifier - If you have two babies with two head colds (a total nightmare), everyone will need their own humidifier.

What am I missing?  I feel like a lot.  
What were you surprised to be able to reuse and bummed to have to purchase?  

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Autumn Connelly said...

THis is a pretty good list! I would suggest replacing bottle nipples if you are reusing bottles. Most bottle manufactures suggest replacing nipples every 3 months anyway due to ware and tear on it.

Also car seats expire. I thought I would be able to reuse my infant car seat since my baby is now in a convertible car seat but lo and behold I cannot.